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Capably is the AI Management Platform companies use to roll out AI employees across their organisations.
Easy, quick, and safe.

Why Use Capably’s AI Management Platform?

Your Company AI Engine

Get all your company data and information systems ready and accessible for AI.

Autonomous AI Employees

Create, onboard, train and deploy AI employees across your teams.

Tools to Easily Adopt AI

Add AI to your company operations without the need of specialised knowledge.

AI Safety Controls

Tools for visibility, and control about when & how AI is used in your organisation.

A New Era of Business Productivity

Of teams working with AI agents say they become more productive.
Of teams said working with AI agents saved them time so they could focus on more important work.
Of employees who tried AI agents don't want to go back to the old way of working.
Capably Platform

How Does it Work?

Activate your Company AI Engine

+100 pre-built data and software integrations with additional custom integrations for you

Create AI Employees For Your Teams

Add AI employees to your teams by using a job description and following the onboarding process

AI Employee Feedback & Development

Review your AI employees work, and train them to deliver the exact work your company needs

Monitor Activity Using the AI Safety Center

Monitor and control your AI employees behaviour and how/when AI is used in your company
Easy Rollout of AI Across your Organisation

No AI Knowledge or Training Needed. The Easiest Way to Adopt AI in Your Company.

Made for business users with no AI expertise
Frictionless integration; present in existing workflows (Email, MS Teams, Slack, Google Apps, Office, etc.)
Seamlessly connects with your company databases, documents, and sources of information
Works with the software tools you already use
AI training courses for users available across the platform
Advanced user management control and permissions
One-click dedicated user support
Simple and friendly UX
Our AI Employees

Give Your Teams An Unfair Advantage

Input the need of your team and Capably’s platform will automatically create new AI Employees with the required skillset and knowledge. You only need to assign each one of them a manager who’ll complete their onboarding process and review their performance.

Built For Enterprise

Security and Privacy by Design

AI control tools
AI interaction logs
One-click AI isolation
Role-based access control
Fine-Grained access control
Monitoring and alerts
Enterprise features
Single Sign-On
Platform customisation
Audit logs
SLA and support
Encryption at rest
Encryption in transit
Security audits
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